Privacy Policy
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019

This Privacy Policy describes how Hashflow collects, uses, stores, shares and otherwise processes your Personal Data collected from any Hashflow-operated website or application (collectively the “Site”). By accessing or using any part of this Site, you acknowledge you have been informed of, and consent to, our data practices with regard to your Personal Data.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” includes any information relating to an individual who can be identified particularly by reference of certain information given by such individual as requested by us for specific purposes in the following sections.

Collection of Personal Data

We collect and will record in our web server logs your Personal Data, including: browser information (e.g. browser type and version, operating system, etc.) through user agent, strings and metadata provided during the access request by your system; Internet protocol (IP) addresses and their associated location; date and time of visit; referral uniform resources locator (URL); and pages visited by such visitor on our website Site.

In addition, we collect your Personal Data given directly by each Site visitor through your online registration for the purpose of our Site visitor analysis systems – e.g. Email address and Google UUID (Unique User ID). You may refuse to supply Personal Data, with the caveat that it may prevent you from engaging in certain Site-related activities or being able to access and use certain features and services.

Use of Personal Data

We use your Personal Data for the following purposes.

  • To enhance our Site’s user experiences, improve our Site layout and information available on it by monitoring how our Site is used; and
  • To establish our marketing communication, provide relevant marketing materials to you including information about progress of our technology, testing and implementation of our available services, advertisement and promotion of our products or services.
Sharing of Personal Data

We may share your Personal Data with third-party service providers to enable such parties to perform functions on our behalf and under our instructions in order to carry out the purposes prescribed in the above section.

Our third-party service providers may include Site designer service provider, IT service provider, business analytics provider/advisor and marketing campaigns advisor, etc. which we engage such parties by execution of agreements or contracts to provide reasonable security of your Personal Data and to enable such parties to use and process such Personal Data only on our behalf and under our instructions.

We currently use SendGrid as a third-party service provider to support our marketing program via its cloud-based email delivery platform. Hashflow provides certain personal data to SendGrid, including emails for those who have registered and opted to receive our marketing materials. In addition, SendGrid provides Hashflow certain additional information, including the provision of names associated with Email, Email names, Mailbox provider comparison data (for Google and Yahoo email accounts), Email clients in the desktop and mobile environments and geographical data covering the US, European Union and China.

For more information on how SendGrid uses the data we provide, please refer to their security and privacy policies:

In addition, we use third-party analytics services to help understand your usage of our services. In particular, we use and allow our cookies and certain third-parties to use cookies and similar tracking technology on our Site. We use browser cookies to personalize content and your preference, to selectively deliver and display our advertisements and marketing materials to allow us to analyze statistical information of our Site users including frequency and location of Site access, and to measure conversion rate from Site visit to sign-ups. For this profiling purpose we embed third party javascript from Google that share your browser information with them and link the site access with your browsing history using their cookies. In return, they provide us with anonymized Site’s visitors’ usage analysis. Your actual user identity that you shared with these providers will not be shared share with us. You consent to our browser cookies if you continue to use our website and decide not to block them.

You may choose to disable or delete certain cookies on your internet browser settings. You can also delete all site access and conversion data shared with Google anytime from

Retention of Personal Data

We will retain your Personal Data for our marketing communication and activities as long as you accept marketing communications from us. We will delete such Personal Data upon your request and in accordance with the applicable laws. For other purposes, we will retain your Personal Data for as long as that is necessary to achieve the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy. The retention of the Personal Data collected by way of cookies or other similar tracking technology for profiling is governed by Google Analytics where it will be retained for 38 months.

When successfully shown that you are the owner of certain IP addresses at a certain time, we, upon your request, provide you with all the information we have about it. You may request erasure of those IP addresses from our logs which we will comply with if there is no regulation or obligation requiring it.

Transfer of Personal Data

We transfer your Personal Data to other countries for the purposes specified above including to countries which may not provide the same level of data protection as your home country. We shall use our best efforts to protect your Personal Data. Such transfer of your Personal Data will allow you to interact efficiently with our Site.

Your Rights

You have the following rights:

  • Right to access: Upon your proof of identity, you have the right to request a copy of your Personal Data which we will provide you in electronic form only. You will be subject to a fee our charge in case you request for multiple copies of your Personal Data.
  • Right to rectification: You have the right to request us to amend, update or correct any part of your Personal Data.
  • Right to deletion: You may request that we delete your Personal Data processed by us, if certain grounds are met, except that we are required to retain such Personal Data to comply with any legal requirements or legal claims.
  • Right to objection: You have the right to object to our processing on grounds relating to your reasonable and particular situation. We will follow your request unless we have legitimate grounds for the processing which override your interests and rights.
  • Right to withdrawal: If you have consented to our processing of your Personal Data, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, free of charge. Your right includes the cases you wish to opt out from our marketing communication and material that you receive from us.
Contact Us

If you have any inquiries, requests or complaints in relation to this Privacy Policy, please communicate with us as follows: Requests in accordance with any of your rights will be handled by us within thirty (30) days. We reserve our right to verify your identity before complying with the request.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. Such changes will be highlighted when accessing the Site and you may access to the latest version of our Privacy Policy on our Site.

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